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We at 3ITS provide the best and the most creative technological solution so your business can grow and operate smoothly

About Us

3ITS is a company that design, develops and implements various solutions through

  • Web Development
  • Networking
  • Cloud and Virtualization
  • Telco Services

3ITS besides costum solutions also offers all-in-one products for different business field such as Logistics, Gastronomy, General Services etc.

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So, where can i start? It's very simple

Since here at 3ITS evrything is based on simplicity and funcunality, we have 3 step process that will allow us to prepose and implement the best and the mos affordeble solution for your business.

  • 01 Contact us via email

    Contact us at [email protected], and explain to us the field of business you operate and what type of solution your are looking for.

  • Based on your email our team will send you a form which will contain some basic question, so we know what kind of module and functions to include on over all solution.

  • After the over-all solution is completed we will send it to you and present it, if it meets your expectation we will then start implantation and integration.





Creation of costum application for your business needs.


Designing and implementing secure, reliable and powerful networks.

Cloud and Virtualization

We offer our solutions on-premises, cloud and hybrid.


With more than 20+ years on the telecomunication industry, we offer different solution for Voice and Data services.

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Rruga Ndue Përlleshi, Prishtinë Kosove


+383 48 744 633

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